Açai Palmito LLC

Eat healthy from organic wild Hearts of Palm !

Deep in the heart of the Amazonian forest, the first Barima River factory is celebrating 30 years of providing a livelihood for neighbouring communities. With our second factory in Berbice River we provide a total of 200 direct employment and we are supplying by over 500 families of mainly indigenous  peoples over Guyana. 

The highest Quality standards in the jungle is it possible ?

Despite the challenge to produce in the jungle we are certified IFS, organic, Kosher and more recently Fair For Life (Fair Trade).

Environemental Impact ?

Every care has been taken since 1987 to ensure that the wild environment is not harmed. The product is certified organic since 1997, standing as a guarantee that sustainable harvesting practives are followed by all pickers. The extraction of the palms has minimal impact on the environment, since no machine is used for harvesting and the palm regrowth is sufficient to enhable sustainability.

Social Impact

Since 2015 we are certified Fair For Life from Ecocert-IMO to guarantee the good Trade practices on our social responsibilities and looking always how it will benefit to the workers and producers communities.