Açai Palmito LLC

Eat healthy from organic wild Hearts of Palm !


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When I walked by the Acai Palmito booth, I nearly kept walking because it seemed like just another company selling acai powder.

Fortunately, I stopped to take a look and was thrilled at what I discovered.

Not only is it very difficult to find certified organic hearts of palm, but it is next to impossible to find certified organic hearts of palm in glass jars.

Acai Palmito has solved this problem and is offering the most delicious hearts of palm I have ever consumed. I had to do my best not to eat the entire tray you see above.

Why the name Acai Palmito?

The company says that acai berries grow at the top of the palm tree, the same tree from where it gets its hearts of palm.

What also makes this product unique is that the palm trees grow wild, instead of being farmed, in the pristine Amazonian rainforest of Guyana. Fair for Life certified, Acai Palmito expects to be in retail locations nationwide in 2018.

Max Goldberg 20th September 2017 - www.LivingMaxWell.com